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Partizánske Accommodation

We offer you to find accommodation in different localities at hotel, guesthouse, chalet, apartment, hostel, camping, motel and botel in the region of: District Partizánske

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District Partizánske (1)

Bošany (1)

Guesthouse (1)

Bošany (1)

District Partizánske: Bastin, Bosany, Brodzany, Hradiste, Chynorany, Janova Ves, Jeskova Ves, Klatova Nova Ves, Kliz, Klizske Hradiste, Kolacno, Krasno, Livina, Livinske Opatovce, Male Bielice, Male Krstenany, Male Ostratice, Male Uherce, Nadlice, Navojovce, Nedanovce, Ostratice, Partizanske, Pazit, Sadok, Skacany, Turcianky, Velke Bielice, Velke Krstenany, Velke Ostratice, Velke Uherce, Velky Kliz, zabokreky nad Nitrou.


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